I am flabbergasted! Dude I never expected the site to receive this many views!

I remember a while back, I posted something about hitting 10k views. I think I deleted it as well as a bunch of other posts when I did v1.05 for the site. And (I'm aware this is grammatically incorrect) I didn't share this yet but I'm definitely sure that views has to do with how often I update the site/how many times I update the site. For example, this:

A graph of views for the site in relation to time.
(ignore the taller, lighter colored line, that's "hits" and it doesn't matter for site view count rly.)

I don't want to post 15 different images so here's the date alone from the graph.
May 6: 13 Views
May 7: 6 Views
May 8: 15 Views
May 9: 34 Views
May 10: 670 Views
May 11: 718 Views
May 12: 67 Views

As you can see, there happens to be a bit of an uptick on May 10th and 11th. These happen to be the days I updated the site the most for v1.05 This trend has been mostly consistent as well, seeing the same type of relationship happpen every time I update the site a whole bunch.

What I think is happening is that everytime I update the site I get people finding me via the last updated filter via neocities, but I can't be sure. For those of you that view this post and read this, 1. Thank you, 2. Would you mind giving me some feedback? You can either email me @ tinkerjaesite@proton.me or you can leave a note on my guestbook.

I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading! Jae out.