A little update, also me overthinking.

Hello all!
I'm still alive!

It's been a month since my last post, and I apologize. Shit has gotten busy, and I have gotten mildy sad. Not all bad tho. Life overall has been really good but I've been overthinking a lot of stuff, as per usual.
I've been thinking about updating the site again. Also about making some actually decent videos. It feels like I have pushed myself away from making little blog posts and stuff. It feels silly but I really am trying to use this as like an online journal and stuff.
Speaking of which, here's what I'm thinking about rn!

So, I'm trying to condense a big idea into something smaller and more meaningful so here's me trying to do that. Basically creativity and stuff. Whether it's graffiti, music, skating, videos, woodworking, whatever. All of that requires creativity. How do I do creative stuff easier? Good question, but from a pov where I've done that stuff, here's some advice for myself and maybe for you.
Don't think about it too hard. that shit will fuck you up.
Eat some good food, be in a good ish mood, it helps.
for art, start with an open mind, just start drawing and look to see where your hands take you. for music, listen to something, grab some inspo, make some cool shit. for projects, get inspired and start going on it. if you've got a good idea, save it, they come and leave quick. learn when to walk away. learn to realize ur overthinking.
here's me taking a break to come back later.
okay I'm back
so here's the deal

overthinking and inspiration
I was overthinking a whole bunch, here's an overthinking checklist
- your head hurts after thinking for more than 5 minutes
- you're not in flow
- you're frustrated or getting frustrated.
- you're inside your own head
- you're repeating ideas/phrases.
- you're not getting anywhere.

it's not about creativity anymore, lemme take a break rq bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Hi all it was like 2 am when I was writing all of that

It is now 9am and I have work in like 20 minutes
so, let's make this relatively quick, shall we?

so why are we even thinking about this? I think we've got a bunch of puzzle pieces that couldn't fit together, so now we're stuck because we physically can't do anything with it.
what I think it is, is that we're overthinking, we're making things too complicated. let's unravel what's going on. so we want to create stuff. Why? because it's fun and we have cool ideas we'd like to see. so go create stuff? what's stopping you. what do you want out of this?
I want a solid creative process. that I can implement per week.
What problems are you facing now?
- I try to make stuff and I get distracted
- I don't have a place to put project notes.
- I can't come up with ideas
I want to be able to make stuff without overthinking it
- pick something to make each day or each week.
- pick whatever you're feeling at the time.
- write a little article for it or make a video for it.

so this is what a lot of my creative process can look like about 90% of the time
it's very chaotic and doesn't work out a lot of time, so that's why I'm trying to like, rework it.

I've been trying to make a creative guideline for a while that helps me out when I get like this.
As you can see it has not worked out this time.

I'm gonna try to post more articles about just my thoughts and stuff in the future, I think it'll be nice to show this process. I've never liked that people only show their highlight reel online, I love it when people post all the little details and stuff about their life.

Anyways, thanks for reading, I am gonna go 2 werk. Bye!