Hii! What's up y'all!

Hi guys! Okay so I am now doing a thing.
So I was thinking to myself that "Oh I should write a blog post today." So here I am.
Anyways, stuff. So basically I'm working on a little mini project, I'm about to buy the parts for it and am hyped to show y'all. It's called an Atari Punk Console, or Atari Punk Circuit. APC for short. It's a little square wave 555 timer based synth. Not too many parts, but more than what I currently have so hopefully those arrive quick. I'm buying a couple sets of parts from amazon and am waiting patiently for them to arrive, should be done by next week.

Oh in other news, I was doing some brainstorming and basically I think I've got a schedule now. Every 2 weeks on wednesday should be when I post. We shall see but I'm pretty excited for this! Anyways.

Side note, I have started writing my posts before translating them to HTML, by god does that help.

How this schedule came about was something interesting. I was trying to figure out how I was gonna be making projects. Now I could just, do them whenever, but I've tried that. If that happens they will almost never get done. I've actually been putting the APC off for years because I've procrastinated it so hard. So I'm pseudo committing.

I realized that I need outside motivators to make me actually do the projects. That can be a club, a competition, a challenge, another person, or an actual problem in my life, in any case, I need some sort push to get me going, kind of like a car motor. I came up with many ideas like the ones I stated before, but for now the one I'm sticking with is making a blog post about anything, every 2 weeks. If I wanna make a project I'll pseudo commit. Like here, I announced the project and that actually makes it so I now have to do the thing.

Here are all of the ideas for project commitment that I came up with.
- Contests
- Competitions
- Commisions
- Something like Artfight
- Maker Faire's (not really any near me but that'd be cool)
- Conventions, could make something for those.
- Co-op Projects with friends (I've got buddies I could do those with)
- Solo Projects (kind of what I was doing before)
- Challenge a fellow maker to make something?
- Pseudo Commitments (what I'm doing now.)

This may work it may not. In any case, I'm confident I'll learn something from this situation. It takes advantage of my constant desire to do cool stuff, and kind of makes me stick with one idea for a short period of time. I really hope it works!

That's mostly it. Now, some steps for me.
1. buy the parts on amazon (Caps, pots, 8 pin slots, prototype boards, power jacks, audio jacks)
2. Post this
3. Get to writing a post on Nimona! (Oh yeah I watched that yesterday)

Thanks for reading. Bai!!!