An Update on the APC!

Hi all! It is I, Jae!
Remember 2 weeks ago when I said I was gonna make a shitty little synth.

So here's the deal, it works!!! I'll link a couple videos right here, one of them is my first test of it and I am sorry if I am loud, I genuinely did not think it was going 2 work lol.

LINK 1 :
LINK 2 :

Here's a picture!

The little apc that could :]
I really love this thing and as I believe I said in the video, I did not expect it to work at all.
Now it is just a prototype but it's a pretty decent one I'd say, very proud of myself for this one ngl.

The next version will have a lot more, pizzaz. I'm thinking about taking the apc and turning it into a guitar pedal. If not that, I'll just try to finish off the thing and have some stuff like volume control, built in speaker, and just have it be generally more robust.

But for all intensive purposes, I said I was gonna do this project in 2 weeks, and yesterday it was done so..... Project complete! APC v0.1 is done.

I will be posting another blog today, but here's the first one.