Doing rough, and shoutout Tulip!

Hi all.

It's been a while and I had a reminder on my phone to write a blog post today.
College has started recently and things have been rough. There's an issue with my finances so I might not be in school this semester which is really fuckin upseting ngl. Today has been rough.

It's currently 2am and I am only up because I was downloading a game for me and my boyfriends ps3. Oh yeah I jailbroke a ps3, was reading a webcomic, anyways. Today has been rough. My boyfriend was very stressed. A couple of my friends were very stressed, and half way through me and my boyfriends hangout, I recieved a call.

Turns out one of my friends that was not doing well was very close to self harming. He didn't and he got to the emergency counselor which then lead to him calling me to take him to a mental facility for an evaluation. Don't worry, he was evaluated and is mostly okay, the safety plan is working, things are solved. About halfway through that I recieved a text. Some of my good friends are not doing well in their relationship and are probably going to be breaking up. Very sad for both of them and I wish I could help them more.

These last couple weeks have been very stressful and sad and I've cried several times tonight, mostly due to this bomb ass webcomic tho. I am stressed and wanted to write a blog post abt it. If you're here thank you for reading and being here for me, I appreciate it.

Before I publish this, I want to give a huge thanks to Tulip. She posted something nice on the guestbook and is the first message I've gotten from someone who's not my direct friend in a while, so thank you very much Tulip, your willingness to leave a comment made me feel very appreciated, tysm man. I really am excited to see how your website turns out, good luck!

With that being said I shall cry a bit more and go to bed, thank you for reading, goodnight.