Hello and welcome to Tinker Jae!
This is my blog/website where I post stuff about my life, stuff I like, and stuff I'm working on or have worked on. I've made this site to try and get away from modern social media and to have my own place on the internet. If you want to know more, check out my manifesto. If you're trying to find something specific, you'd be best checking out the sitemap below. I hope you enjoy the site, and thank you for stopping by!


Projects: Projects! It's stuff I'm working on, resources, how to guides, and more.
Journal: Posts about my life and stuff. General updates on how things are going as well as thoughts that I have.
Misc: The junk drawer of my site. Stuff that doesn't have a place anywhere else goes here.

Abt the Webmaster

Hi! I'm Jae and I am the Webmaster for this blog. I'm a college student studying engineering who's really into art, tech, guns, cartoons, working out, music, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm a big fan of Adventure Time and She-Ra, and am into bands like KGLW. I hope not to be too political on here, but I'm Pro-2A, Pro-Choice, and Pro-LGBTQ, if you're not really into all of that then viewer discretion is advised. My Pronouns are He/They/It.

Links/Contact Me

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If you'd like to check out my other stuff, visit my social links right there. If you want to leave a message or start a chat, just email me or leave a note on my guestbook. I'm very willing to answer any questions about tech, guns, music and other things. Don't be afraid to reach out, I love to chat with just about anyone.


Thanks for reading all of that, and thank you for visiting my site. Here, take some blinkies for the road.